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Get Started with Druva Backups

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Druva inSync is a computer backup program used at Brown University. Once installed, every eight hours Druva will automatically back up the files on your Brown-owned computer to the Druva server as long as your computer is turned on and has an internet connection.  The backed-up files are kept for three months.

More information:
Druva’s doc “Restore data using the inSync Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Druva inSync being installed on campus computers?

Druva inSync is a disaster recovery option.  Druva serves as insurance against catastrophic hardware failure, loss or theft of the Brown-owned computer, or accidental deletion of files.

What will Druva inSync archive?

Druva inSync will back up and archive files and folders located on the Desktop and in the Documents folder. You can add additional files by going into Druva preferences.

What won’t Druva inSync archive?

Druva inSync will NOT back up and archive files and folders outside of your normal user profile (or ‘home’ folder).  For instance, if you keep files in a folder at the root of C: (in Windows) or outside of your Users folder (Mac), on an external USB drive, etc. – these items will not be archived.  Druva inSync will NOT archive any installed programs or applications as those are installed in the Programs folder and are not located in the profile/home folder.

How is this different from my folder on the File Share?

Each employee has server space on the File Share server in a folder titled after their username which serves as convenient backup space. The purpose of Druva inSync is to automatically archive folders and files located on a user’s computer.

Who can see the files that has been backed up and archived to the server from my Brown owned computer?

Only you and the Druva inSync server system administrator (ITSC) have access to restore the files which have been backed up and archived from your computer.  Druva inSync encrypts and compresses all data on your computer before it is sent over the network to the campus server.

Where are my actual backups stored?   

Your backups are stored on a Druva inSync server.

When does Druva inSync backup and archive my data?

Once your computer is turned on, Druva inSync’s backup process will begin. Our standard time interval for Druva inSync to back up and archive a ‘snapshot’ of your data is every 2 hours. (This may vary depending on your department.)

If I have a Brown-owned laptop, do I need to be on campus for the synchronization to occur?

You do not need to be on campus.  If the laptop is off campus and has internet access, Druva inSync will still be able to back up and archive your data.

How long are the backed-up and archived files kept on the server?
As Druva inSync backs up and archives a ‘snapshot’ of your data every 2 hours, multiple versions of documents are stored enabling access to older revisions of documents from the previous 7 days, weekly backups up to 3 weeks and monthly backups up to 3 months.

How do I know if Druva inSync is installed on my computer?
You will know Druva inSync is installed on your system if you see the  Druva inSync arrow icon as a desktop shortcut and on the following locations:
Windows: in the system tray show either  at the bottom right of your screen:  

Mac OS X: in the menu bar at the top of your screen:

Will Druva inSync make my computer slow while it archives my data?
During the initial Druva inSync backup, you may notice a slight system performance impact. It is designed to synchronize files to the server in the background.  A Druva inSync synchronization may also be ‘paused’ in the event that an update coincides with a critical task you are trying to achieve which requires your full system resources.

I accidentally deleted a file from my computer.  How can I get it back from these backups using Druva inSync?
Please watch the video on how to restore your files (note some of the images are out of date).

 You can also call the Service Desk at 863-4357or email: (Open weekdays 8:30am-5pm)

Can I access my work computer files while at another computer? 
Yes!  The URL is: for logging in to use this program from another computer anywhere. You will be required to log in with your Brown email and password.

How many weeks or months is a copy kept of the backups and archives?
Druva inSync files backed up and archived will be kept for 3 months. Note: As an example, take a word document that you have been editing for several weeks, opening, editing and saving. If you would like to find the version from a month ago, you will be able to find that version by restoring it within Druva inSync. If you then want to then keep that version, be sure to save that copy with another name.

If I have a Jump Drive or USB device plugged into my computer, will it automatically back those files up if it is plugged in during the backup time?
No external devices will be backed up.

How can I get some help using this program?

Druva inSync provides documentation on many topics including restoring files.. You can also call the Service Desk at 863-4357 or email during normal business hours (Weekdays 8:30am-5pm)

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