Get Access to UFunds

Most UFunds access is controlled by individual Grant Managers or Financial Managers. If you need to be able to approve or review grant applications, contact the grant manager to have one of those roles assigned to you for the grant period. If you need to be able to process payments for a grant period, contact a Financial Manager. This will likely be someone in AFA.

In order to get Grant Manager or Financial Manager access, you will need to contact CIS Accounts & Passwords, as follows: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click Submit a Request
  3. For the Request type, select “ACCESS Request.”
  4. Select “APPLICATION List (all other requests)”
  5. Check “UFunds” in the list below.
  6. Below the set of checkboxes you should now see a menu where you can select either “Grant Manager” or “Financial Manager.” 

The Financial Manager role is reserved for AFA staff to manage Financial Administrator assignments. If you do not work for AFA, then this is probably not an appropriate role for you.

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