Faculty: Link to a Department or Subject in Courses@Brown

You may follow the format below to create links which can be entered on your department web site or

faculty personal sites. Clicking the links will launch a search of Courses@Brown (https://cab.brown.edu)

that can be targeted for your department, individual subject codes, or instructors.

If you do not indicate a term code in the link, the search will be restricted to the default term at that point in time – currently C@B is defaulting to Fall 2019 (201910). If you would like to use other term


  • 999999 = Any Term (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring of the current academic year)
  • 999998 = Fall & Spring of the current academic year
  • YYYY00 = Summer (YYYY is academic year)
  • YYYY10 = Fall (YYYY is academic year)
  • YYYY15 = Winter (YYYY is academic year)
  • YYYY20 = Spring (YYYY is academic year)

Several examples of search possibilities are below:

  1. Department specific search (any term) and Include Independent study (example Classics

    department code):


    The link above would result in courses in CAB for the default term for Classics (currently Fall 2019) and Include Independent Studies. If you want to remove ISP’s from your list as there are many in each department you can simply leave off the ‘&indep=I’ when building your link.

    To get results for any term, add the 999999 as a term code in the url:


  2. Subject specific search (any term) and Include Independent study (example Latin):


    Add a term parameter to the url above if desired:
    Any Term: https://cab.brown.edu/?subj=LATN&indep=I&term=999999

    Fall/Spring Terms (exclude Summer & Winter): https://cab.brown.edu/?subj=LATN&indep=I&term=999998

  3. Instructor specific search which includes independent study in the results (Professor Joseph Pucci

    in the example):


Essentially, you can simply build a link https://cab.brown.edu/ end then key in specific search parameters using the ?field=value logic and if using multiples just make sure to have the ? between the two data field values.

Field values include:

  • ?subj = Subject code
  • ?dept= Department Code
  • ?instr = Instructor last name,first name
  • ?kw = keyword

If you are unsure of your department’s subject or department code in Banner (they are sometimes

different) please contact us at Registrar@Brown.edu

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