Endpoint Security Policy Exception Request

The Security of Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Other Endpoint Devices Policy allows members of the Brown community to request an exception for their Brown-owned endpoint devices to be excluded from the policy.

You can make a request for an exception following the instructions below, and it will be reviewed and approved or denied by OIT.

Submitting a request

To submit an exception request:

  1. Go to the “Submit a Request” page.
  2. In the Request Type selection, choose Policy Exception Requests and then Endpoint Management.
  3. Complete the remaining fields as below and click 'Submit.' We may email you to ask additional questions while reviewing your request. We will inform you by email once your request has been approved or denied.

Field definitions

“Is this request for someone else?”

If submitting requests on behalf of someone else, please provide their Brown email address.

“Exception Scope”

List whether you are requesting an exception for just one device, all devices used in a specific location or for a specific purpose, or any other set of devices.

“List device(s)”

Include your device name and serial number. If you need to learn how to find those for your device, you can get help from the IT Service Center if needed.

“Reason for exception”

Please provide as much detail as possible to explain the teaching, research or business reasons you are seeking an exception to the Endpoint Security Policy for this equipment.

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