Creating Group Policy Objects for Mounting Departmental File Services Shares

This article is intended for IT staff at Brown who need to set up and configure aspects of the Departmental File Service.  Faculty and staff who are general users of the service do not need to take action based on this document.

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  • You must be a Level 2 Delegate
  • Y0u must have access to Terminal Server
  • Active Directory groups must be pre-created for your area 


  1. Connect to remote TS
  2. Open Group Policy Management
  3. Navigate to you OU
  4. "Create a GPO in this domain, link it here"
  5. Naming conventions: "Map_DEPT_Share"; "Map_DEPT_Users"
  6. Security Filtering: Immediately add your specific AD departmental group.
  7. Right Click on GPO, select Edi
  8. Navigate to: 
    • User Configuration -> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Drive Maps
    • Right click -> Select New -> Mapped Drive
    • Action: Create
    • Location: \\files\DEPT_Share\
    • Reconnect: Select
    • Label as: "DEPT_Share"
    • Drive Letter: S
    • Show This Drive
    • Show All Drives

Click Apply, OK. You may also need to change the "action" to Update, then click apply again.

For immediate testing

from the client computer, run the following command: gpupdate /force

Adjust Delegation

  1. On the GPO, select the Delegation tab
  2. Add the following group: DLG_CIS_ITSupport
  3. Give the Group the following rights: Edit, Delete, Modify 

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