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Create Your Brown Guardian Profile

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Creating a profile gives Brown's Department of Public Safety access to descriptive details and medical information that can help emergency responders serve you better should you ever need help. All profile information will be treated confidentially. Your personal information will only be sent to DPS under three conditions:

  • When you place an emergency call
  • If a safety timer you set expires
  • When you send a tip
  1. To get started creating your profile, select the Brown Guardian app and sign in.
  2. On the next screen, swipe right or click on the menu icon (horizontal bars).
  3. Click on your name to create your profile.
  4. Enter your PIN.
  5. Click on the blue edit photo icon to take or choose a photo to go with your profile. Select a photograph that will help emergency responders to identify you.
  6. After you have selected your photo, click on the blue arrow next to Account Information to edit or add information to your Profile.

  7. Use the blue links on the My Account page to:
     - Edit your Basic Info. (We recommend using the method above to supply a photo rather than the Photo option offered under Basic Info.)
     - Supply other Details such as Driver's Licence #, physical description, and blood type.
     - Add Medical Info.
    Notice that most pages require you to click Save at the bottom to record your changes.
  8. Click on the blue Edit Details and Medical Info link to add any pertinent medical information such as allergies, physical/neurological/behavioral conditions, medical devices, medications, etc. DPS will share this information with emergency responders if it will result in more effective treatment.
  9. Scroll down your My Account page to add more information. 

While you are not required to enter any personal information, including a recent photo and accurate self description will make it easier for public safety to find you in an emergency. Remember, location and personal profile information will only be sent to DPS when you place an emergency call, if a safety timer you set expires, or when you send a tip. All of the information you provide will be treated confidentially.

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