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Create Weighted Assignment Groups in Canvas for Grading

When you have different assignment types (e.g., assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc.), and a weighted grading system, you may use Canvas’ Assignment Groups to calculate weighted grades and organize the assignments. Based on the information you’ve articulated in your syllabus, you can quickly set up Assignment Groups. 

Create Assignment Groups

 You can use Canvas to organize your assignments for your courses by creating assignment groups. The groups can help you manage the weighting of various assignment grades in the final grade. 
  1. Log in to Canvas at and select your course from the Global Navigation menu on the left.
  2. Click Assignments in the Course Navigation menu.
Note: The Assignments page lists all the assignments you have created for your course and their respective assignment groups. You can edit, delete, and add assignments as well as assignment groups. Assignments might not be enabled in your course navigation, but you will still navigate there to set up Assignment Groups.

Create an Assignment Group

  1. Click + Group

  2. Enter the name of the assignment group in the Group Name box.
  3. Enter the percentage of the total grade in the % of total grade box. You can leave the box empty and/or change the number later.
  4. Click Save.

Create Weighted Assignment Groups for Grading

  1. Click the Assignments Settings icon above the list of assignment groups.
  2. Click Assignment Groups Weight then select Weight final grade based on assignment groups
    Note: You have to first create your assignment groups to use this option.
  3. Enter the percentage of the total grade for each assignment group in their respective % boxes.
  4. Make sure the Total is 100%.
  5. Click Save.

Note: You have to first create your assignment groups to use this option.

Manage Assignment Groups

  1. To add a new assignment to a group, click the + icon to the right of the group name.

  2. To edit a group, click the Edit (gear) icon next to the + icon, then click Edit.

    Note: In the window that appears, you can define various grading rules.

    1. Edit the Group Name and % of total grade in their respective boxes.
    2. Enter the number of scores to drop from each student's final grade in the Lowest Scores and Highest Scores boxes.
    3. In the Never Drop section, click Add an assignment to include one or more assignments in the final grade regardless of score.

  3. To reorder an assignment group in the Assignments page, click and drag the assignment group.
  4. To delete a group, click the Edit (gear) icon to the right of the group name, then click Delete. You can delete the assignments within the assignment group or move them to another assignment group.

For more information on Assignment Groups, please see the following link:

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