Create and Share a Resource Calendar

Resources (such as conference rooms) each have their own calendar in Google.  Someone within the department is assigned editing and sharing access to their resources calendars so they can control how - and by whom - the resource is booked.

Benefits of using a resource calendar include:

  • conflicting appointments can be automatically declined
  • the resource calendar name automatically appears in the Location field of the event

Request a Resource Calendar

Resource calendars must be requested through the IT Service Center. When the resource is shared with you, you should receive an email with the subject line "Your Resource Name has shared a calendar with you".
Once the calendar has been shared with you, it will appear under My Calendars on your calendar page.  
Please DO NOT change the name of your resource calendar.

Share Your Calendar

For instructions, see the knowledge article Share a Google Calendar

Resource Calendar Permissions

Though the options look the same whether you are sharing a personal or a resource calendar, the implications are different. Here is what each permission means for a resource calendar.

Permission People with this permission...
See Only Free/Busy (hide event details) Can not book the resource. Can only view whether or not the resource is available. 
See All Event Details Can book the resource. Can only view whether or not the resource is available, and who has booked it if it is unavailable.    This is the recommended setting to assign to Brown University.
Make Changes to Events Can book the resource, . Can view whether or not it is available and who has booked it.
Make Changes and Manage Sharing Can book the resource, even if it is already booked, also for other people. Can add and remove people from using that resource, as well as manage what permissions they have.
Unchecking "Share this calendar with everyone in the organization Brown University" If you do not share Event Details with all of Brown, only people or groups listed on the bottom of the sharing page can book the resource. For everyone else, it will never show in the "available" list that is shown by default when searching resources.  They can see that the resource exists if they uncheck "show only available", but if they try to book it, they will immediately get a decline.


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