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Create and Manage Sign Content (ScreenCloud)

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Log in to Screencloud

  1. Visit at

  2. Choose SSO (single sign on)

  3. For your “slug”, enter brownuniversity

  4. You will be prompted with the Brown login screen

Access Your Playlists

Your playlists are where you will do most of your work, such as adding media or changing the order of content on your screen. Each department has at least one playlist for every set of content that’s actively playing, plus a special events playlist that you can optionally add to a channel if you want to temporarily switch the content playing on a screen.

  1. On the left menu, select Playlists

  2. You should see a playlist called “(Department) Normal Content.” If you have more than one screen with different content, you may see several playlists. Select the playlist you would like to edit.

Add Media to a Playlist

To upload content to your playlist:

  1. Select the Upload button on the top right of the playlist

  2. Select the images and videos from your computer. You can choose more than one!

  3. Select the Upload button to continue the upload

  4. Check the checkbox to the right of any items you’d like to add

  5. Select the Add button on the bottom of the window

Your selected items will be added to your playlist.

Don’t forget to Publish your playlist to see changes on your screen!

Change the Order of Playlist Items

To change order, simply click and drag items into your desired order.

Publish your playlist to send changes to your screen.

Automatically Display and Expire Items by Date

The Availability feature allows you to pre-schedule content to display during certain dates. After adding your media to the playlist,

  1. Select (click on) an item in the playlist

  2. To the right of the pop-up that appears, select the Availability tab

  3. Enable the availability slider

  4. The current date and time is automatically selected as the start date - you can edit it if do not want the item to display right away.

  5. Select an end date. 

  6. Close the pop-up window.

For non-media items such as app instances, access Availability by opening the item and selecting the More (three dots) menu on the top right.

A calendar icon will display next to all items with Availability enabled:

  • Green: Item is currently displaying

  • Orange: Item has not yet started displaying (this may appear for items you just created as well - it may take a minute to turn green)

  • Red, greyed-out appearance:  Item is expired. It will stay on your playlist until you manually delete it (mouse over and select X icon on right of row). However, after expiration, it will not display on your screen.

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