Convert a Paid Dropbox Pro Account into a Free Brown Dropbox Team Account

Dropbox accounts are available for Brown faculty, staff, and grad/med students.

The instructions at describe how to sign up. If you have a paid account, here's more information about what will happen when you follow the instructions:

If you created your current Dropbox account under your primary Brown email address (not an alias!), you will be able to either:

  • convert it into a Brown team account, and your paid subscription will end. You may be able to obtain a refund from Dropbox for your paid account, depending on your circumstances; Brown unfortunately has no control over this.
  • choose to reassign your existing account to a personal email address and create a blank Brown team account; your original account would remain a paid account and you’d have to cancel the subscription manually after transferring files from your personal account to the account. If you do not transfer the files to the account linked with the Brown Dropbox license before cancelling your personal subscription, your quota will be decreased to the standard 2GB limit.

If you created your current Dropbox account under a non-Brown email address and want to convert it into a Brown team account, you could first change the email associated with the account to your PRIMARY Brown email address on your account settings page. This also applies if you used an alias instead of your primary Brown address. Then, you could follow the instructions linked above to join the Brown team.

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