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Connecting to the printers at 70 Ship St. room 419 from a Mac - Knowledgebase / Desktop Computing and Printing / Apple Macintosh Computers - OIT Service Center

Connecting to the printers at 70 Ship St. room 419 from a Mac

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Connecting to the printers at 70 Ship St. room 419 from a Mac

  1. Make sure you are on Brown (secure) WiFi, connected to the VPN, or using a wired network connection on the Brown campus
  2. Click on the Apple menu (top-left corner of the screen), then on System Preferences or System Settings (depending on macOS version). This will open the System Preferences/Settings app.
  3. Click on Printers & Scanners (or a similarly-named section, depending on macOS version)
  4. In the printer dialog box that appears, click the + (plus sign) beneath the list of printers on the left to add a printer. The "Add Printer" dialog box will appear.
  5. Right-click or control-click on the toolbar at the top of the "Add Printer" window where the tabs/icons are, and then drag the “Advanced”/gears icon into the toolbar (i.e. where it’s shown in blue below) as shown below. When finished, click Done.
  6. Click on the newly-added Advanced tab (with the gear icon), wait for it to finish “Searching for printers…”, and then set up the printer as follows:
    1. Type: "Windows printer via spoolss"
    2. Device: Another device (default option)
    3. URL: smb:// or smb://
    4. Name: MCB-70Ship419-ColorA, MCB-70Ship419-ColorB, or whatever else makes sense to you in order to identify the printer
    5. Use: click the drop-down box, then “Select Software”, and in the screen that pops up choose “Generic PS Printer”:

  7. Click Add, and then click OK/Continue through any prompts that come up; be sure to check any box for “Duplex” or “Duplexer” that pops up, to enable two-sided printing
  8. Open a document on your computer with which to test printing, and select File > Print; you can also use Google Chrome and press Option-Command-P to “Print with System Dialog”. 
  9. In the standard macOS printing dialog window that comes up, change the Color Mode to "Color" by doing the following:
    1. Select the “Printer settings” option from the drop-down box right under where you pick portrait or landscape printing:
    2. Set the color mode to “Color”:
  10. Print a test page to make sure it worked
    1. If prompted to enter a username and password for the printer, use your Brown short ID followed by "" (e.g. "") and your usual Brown/Duo password
  11. Repeat steps 2-10 for the other printer if you’d like the ability to print to both
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