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Connect Windows to Brown's Wireless Network

If you're having difficulty logging onto the wireless network, make sure your username and password are working by going to and logging in. You can contact the IT Service Center for username and password issues or you continue to have issues connecting to the WiFi.


Go To

While on Brown-Guest, connect to the wireless as shown below. Go to and follow the onscreen steps.

Brown (secure)

Brown (secure) WiFi uses your Brown username and password. Make sure to use your username in all lowercase letters. Using an uppercase letter will cause an authentication issue.


Eduroam uses your Brown and password. This is your short Brown username, not your Brown email address.




Alternative Setup (not recommended)

The steps below may help for those who are unable to successfully connect using the default method above. However, if issues continue to persist, confirm your username and passwords are working by logging into site like MyAccount. You may also have malware installed on your computer preventing a successful connection. You can stop by the IT Service Center if you need help removing malware or if you are still unable to connect to the network. 

  1. Download and extract (right-click on the file and choose extract all) the contents of this zip file.; the file is also at the end of this article.
  2. Right-click on the add_brown file and Run as administrator. 
  3. A prompt will appear, allow it to run.
  4. You will see a command line window appear and shortly disappear. 
  5. You should receive a prompt to sign into the Brown network. 
    1. If not, click on the Wireless symbol in the system tray--near the system clock--and click on the Brown network. 
    2. You should then receive the prompt to provide your Brown username and password. 
  6. You should be connected after a few moments.

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