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Connect to High Security FileMaker Databases

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CIS: How to Connect to Secure Databases Hosted by FileMaker

Several databases hosted by FileMaker contain secure data. This data must be treated as highly confidential and requires additional security precautions. Due to this you may be required to establish a secure connection before being able to access these systems.


  1. Open BIG-IP Edge Client by searching for it in the start menu:
  2. Click the F5 icon in the bottom right taskbar:
  3. Click Connect
  4. Enter login details when requested. You will need to authenticate using DUO mobile. If login window doesn’t show up click the F5 icon again and click “Main Console...”
  5. Once your session is connected the F5 icon in the taskbar will turn red and stop flashing
  6. Open FileMaker Pro and select your database (you may need to follow the One-time FileMaker Pro setup instructions that follow if you don’t see your database)

METHOD 2: FileMaker Restricted

Some databases do not permit connections even over VPN and require that you connect to a remote terminal server. Only follow these steps if the VPN method does not work or you are instructed to use this method as standard practice.

If you have recently refreshed your RemoteApp feed you can skip to step 5

  1. Right click the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections icon in the taskbar:
  2. Click Open RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  3. Next to Most Recent Update, click View Details
  4. Click Update Now and wait for the update to complete
  5. Search using the Start Menu for FileMaker Secure (Brown RemoteApps)
  6. Click Connect if prompted
  7. If the log-in is successful you will see the DUO authentication window appear:
  8. Authenticate as you wish and wait until your remote terminal desktop loads
  9. You can access the secure version of FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 by double clicking the item on your desktop
  10. You may need to reconfigure this version of FileMaker with your desired server by using the One-time FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 setup instructions that follow


You can use the blue bar at the top of the screen to minimize your remote session and return to your regular desktop

When finished with your remote terminal session log out by using the start menu as you normally would on your own computer (this will also disconnect your session)

Only use the remote terminal server for FileMaker access. Do all other work on your regular desktop to free up resources for other connections and minimize security risks on the remote terminal.


Set up FileMaker Pro (One time)

  1. Open FileMaker Pro
  2. Click Add App under My Apps and select “From Hosts…”
  3. Click the small + icon in the top left
  4. Enter the relevant URL (see below) for the Host’s Internet Address and click OK
  5. The databases you are authorized to use will display automatically (if you are prompted to log-in enter your AD credentials)

Database Name

Database Description



Service & Repair transaction system


IT Service Center iClicker transaction database


IT Service Center advanced tech support waiver forms


Internal CIS inventory tracking system


IT Service Center Loaner Equipment transaction system

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