Connect to Brown's Wired Network Using a Windows Device

When connecting to Brown's wired network with a Windows computer, you must have the appropriate CrowdStrike client installed to access the full spectrum of central file services. If the CrowdStrike agent is not installed, you will receive a "non-compliant" IP address, resulting in limited (internet only) access.* 

The Crowdstrike client can be downloaded from the page. For Brown-owned machines, install CrowdStrike Falcon; for personal, CrowdStrike  for Home.

If CrowdStrike is installed and your machine is still receiving a non-compliant IP,  please follow these steps:

  1. Check connection: Confirm that there is no hub / router / switch connected to the machine. The machine should be connected directly to a network wall tap.
  2. Reboot: If the issue persists after verifying the connection, reboot the machine to determine if this results in a campus IP address.
  3. Use a browser: If you continue to have a non-compliant IP address, open a browser window, which should redirect you to a captive portal page displaying terms and conditions. Accept the terms to proceed. Note that sometimes browsers like Firefox and Edge will not allow the redirect to happen. If that is the case, try Chrome instead.

If you still have a problem after trying the recommended steps, contact the OIT Service Desk with the following details:  MAC address (aka hardware address) of the wired network interface, building name, room number, and network tap ID .

*Non compliant network:  (range is -

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