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Connect Linux to Brown's Wireless Network

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If you're having difficulty logging onto the wireless network, make sure your username and password are working by going to and logging in. You can contact the IT Service Center for username and password issues or you continue to have issues connecting to the WiFi.


Go To

While on Brown-Guest, go to and follow the onscreen steps.

Brown (secure)

Brown (secure) WiFi uses your Brown username and password. Make sure to use your username in all lowercase letters. Using an uppercase letter will cause an authentication issue.


Eduroam uses your Brown and password. This is your short Brown username, not your Brown email address.


Alternate Setup Instructions

Linux is not officially supported due to the impersistent nature of its environment due to changes made by its users. Even with these settings being correct, you may have issues connecting.   


There is a .pem necessary for setting up the connection in the network manager. The location of the file is below:


Depending on which Linux distro you are running, this may be in a different location or with a different extension. 

Configuration Settings

There will be different ways to setup the network profile for Brown due to different distributions using different GconUIs to do it. The settings in the network manager should match the settings below.

Open the Network Manager. You can get to this within Settings or by clicking on the Edit network connections... on the WiFi dropdown.

SSID Brown    --OR--    eduroam
Security Type WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption Type AES (CCMP)
Phase 2 (Inner Method) EAP-MSCHAPV2
Root CA Certificate(s) AddTrust_External_Root.pem
User Certificate [N/A]
Anonymous Identity



Brown - Use your Brown username (all lower case)

eduroam - User you Brown Username in this format:

Password [Your Password]



The netctl Configuration:

Description ='Brown'

Interface=<interface name>

Con nection=wireless













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