Configure Brown Email on Your iPhone or iPad

Using the Gmail App: recommended way to read email

CIS recommends that you download and use the Gmail app available from the App Store. Why? It is more integrated with Gmail features, for example: you can search mail older than a month and switch to delegated accounts like departmental email addresses.

  1. Install the Gmail App from the App Store and log in with your Brown Gmail account.
  2. If you primarily plan to use the Gmail app instead of the Mail app, you could replace the Mail icon in your dock by long-holding and dragging icons to rearrange.

Mail App: Manual configuration

If you prefer to use the Mail app that comes with your phone, Google's documentation at will help you choose the right settings for Brown's email service.

Use your full Brown email address as your username when following these instructions.
You may wonder why you are adding a Microsoft Exchange account instead of a Gmail account. This setup allows IT staff to wipe the data off your device (at your request) if it gets stolen.

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