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Coeus Sponsor or Organization Request: Required Information - Knowledgebase / Business Systems - OIT Service Center

Coeus Sponsor or Organization Request: Required Information

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Coeus Sponsor, Organization, and Rolodex requests require full information to process your request.  

Omitting information may cause the request ticket to be returned for further information. Requests are processed within 1-2 business days.  

If your request is related to a proposal that is due to the sponsor today, please state that in your request notes section.

All information is Required:


  • Legal name or dba name (that matches UEI name)
  • Official address (that matches UEI address)
  • UEI (formerly DUNS number)
  • Website
  • Phone and email


  • Contact's First & Last Name
  • Title/Position
  • Official address (that matches UEI address)
  • Zip + 4 must be included
  • Phone and email
  • UEI (formerly DUNS number)
  • U.S. Congressional District [format:  2 Letters-3 digits]

Rolodex (also required to set up an Organization in Coeus):

  • Contact name
  • Contact title/position
  • Contact Address
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact email

Request Resources:

Important note on New Organizations:  If you are requesting a new Organization in Coeus, please remember to also log into Workday and use the 'Create Request' function and choose 'Supplier Request' to ensure your Supplier will also be set up in Workday. 

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