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Classroom spaces equipped with microphones - supported by Media Services

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The acoustics and the dimension of the following spaces necessitate you wear a microphone or speak using the podium microphone for your students to hear you. Your students asking questions will also need a microphone, especially if you are going to have any remote students attending your course. Media Services provides all microphones: one for you and others for your students present in class.  

Auditoriums with Zoom Room technology

  • 85 Waterman Street, Rom 130
  • List Art Building, Room 120
  • Macmillan Hall, Room 117 (Starr Auditorium)
  • Metcalf Research Building, Friedman Auditorium (101)
  • Salomon Center, Room 101 (De Ciccio Family Auditorium)
  • Salomon Center, Room 001
  • Smith-Buonanno, Room 106
  • Sidney Frank Hall Room 220 (Marcuvitz Auditorium)
  • Stephen Robert Hall, Room 101

Event spaces with  Zoom Room or Zoom ready technology 

  • 85 Waterman Street, Room 015 
  • Barus & Holley, Room 166 
  • Barus & Holley, Room 168
  • Biomed, Room 202
  • Biomed, Room 291
  • CIT, Room 165
  • Friedman Hall, room 102 (Zoom Ready)
  • Friedman Hall, room 108 (Zoom  Ready)
  • List Art Building, room 110  (Zoom  Ready)
  • RI Hall 108  (Zoom  Ready)

Please note  that the 4 Zoom Ready spaces , which are smaller, only have a  podium or wireless lavalier microphone for the instructor.

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