Cisco 8831 Conference Phone: Conferencing

Add Participants to a Call

  1. With the first participant on an active call, press the More soft key and then Confrn. This will place the first caller on hold.
  2. Once the second call is answered, press the Confrn soft key again to add the second call to the first.
  3. You can now talk to both participants at the same time.
  4. Repeat the above steps to add up to X more calls.

Manage Your Conference (View and Remove callers)

While in a conference call, your display will show only Conference.

  1. To list and manage your conference participants, press the More soft key until you see ConfList.
  2. ConfList will list your conference participants and allow you to remove individuals from your conference.
  3. Toggle to the participant you wish to remove using the navigation button, then press Remove.

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