Cisco 8831 Conference Phone: Answer Calls


When you get a new call, the LED indicators will flash green. In addition, your phone’s display will show caller ID information and the phone will ring.

• To answer a call, press the Call button, or press the Answer softkey.

• If a second call comes in while you are already on a connected call, the second caller’s ID information will display. Simply press the Answer softkey to connect the second call and the first call will automatically be placed on hold.

• When handling multiple calls, the softkeys across the bottom of your phone’s display affect the selected call only. Notice the top bar now displays a call count, and lets you know which call is displayed. To switch between connected calls, use the navigation button to select the call you want to connect to and press the Resume softkey. 

To end a call, press the End Call softkey. To end a call on hold, you must resume the call first.  If you only have one active call, you can press the Call button to end the call.


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