Cisco 8811, 8851, 8865: Manage Multiple Lines


If you share a line with a co-worker or an Administrative Assistant, you share a phone number. 

● Either you or your co-worker can answer a ringing call on the shared line. 

● When your co-worker has a call on the shared line, your shared line button is solid red. 

● When your co-worker puts a call on hold, the session button on your phone pulses red. You or your co-worker can resume the call. 

● They can also “Merge” with a call that you are handling on the shared line. Merging a call means joining your call by turning the call in to a conference. You will typically hear a beep and your phone screen will change to display conference details. 


Please be aware that all lines on your phone are not forwarded at the same time, as was the case on your old phone system. Each line must be forwarded and un-forwarded separately. For more information, see the article Cisco 8811, 8851, 8865: Forward Calls

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