Change Your Banner Image

There are three options for replacing the default banner image:

1) Have a banner designed for you: A graphic designer from PAUR will work with you to create a banner for your site. Simply email to start this process.

2) Select a pre-designed banner: Your department/site name will be added to the banner. Decide which banner you'd like to use, and email with the corresponding banner number. We'll take care of the rest!

3) Do-it-yourself banner design: You can email the new, properly formatted image to Keep reading for more information.

Guidelines for DIY banners

Site Names – It is permissible to include your department/site name in the banner image. The standard font is Vitesse (48pt ~ 60pt).

File Types – Accesptable files formats for banner images are .jpg or .png

Sizes – Banner images must be 940px wide. The height of the banner can vary but we recommend 200px high for a "short" banner, and 360px high for a "tall" banner. Note that the top 65px of your image will be partially covered with semi-transparent bands for breadcrumbs and universal navigation. See the images below for details:

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