Change the Order of Your Preferred Wireless Networks

If you're a member of the Brown community, your preferred network should be Brown. If your computer or device tries to connect to the incorrect network, you should change the order of your preferred network. For example, if you temporarily connected to Brown-Guest to set up your connection to Brown, you might notice you sometimes connect to Brown-Guest accidentally when you turn on your phone or computer.

The process varies depending on your device and operating system. If you don't see yours here, check your owner's manual or do a web search for "change order of preferred networks" along with the name of your operating system.


Mobile Devices

Most mobile devices don't offer you the ability to change the network order, but you can choose which network to currently connect to in the settings, and also forget or delete networks you do not want to use.

  • iPad / iPhone should prefer a higher-security network. To delete unwanted networks. Go to Settings > Wifi and tap the information (i) icon next to the network, than Forget Network.
  • To forget a network on Android, go to Settings > Wifi and long-press the network name, then choose Forget Network.

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