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Canvas / Slack Course Workspace Role Mapping

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Instructors and TAs teaching academic courses may create a Slack Course Workspace through their Canvas course site.  Any user that is enrolled in the Canvas site’s People Tool area with a role other than Designer or Observer will have the option to join the associated Slack Course Workspace. Please see the table below on how Canvas course roles map to Slack Course Workspace roles by default.*

NOTE:  If you need to add users to your Slack Course Workspace that are not enrolled in your Canvas site, please see our help article on Adding Other Members to a Slack Course Workspace.

Canvas Course Role
Slack Course Workspace Role
Teacher Workspace Admin
TA Workspace Admin
Undergraduate TA Member
Student Member
Auditor Member
Prospective Student Member
Guest Student Member
Designer Not added to workspace
Observer Not added to workspace
DLD Staff / Program Staff Member

* If necessary, Workspace Admins can adjust a user's role within the Slack Course Workspace to grant them different access to that specific workspace.  (See Change a member's Role documentation - with Brown's license you will only have the option of upgrading a user from Member to Workspace Admin.) 

NOTE:  Once you escalate a user from Member to Workspace Admin, you will not be able to downgrade their access without contacting OIT Support.

For more information about the permissions each role has within the context of the Slack Course Workspace, please see our help article on Slack Course Workspaces Permissions.


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