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Creating a Quiz

  1. Once logged into your Canvas course site, click Quizzes in the Course Navigation menu.
  2. Click + Quiz.

3. Enter the name of the quiz in the Quiz Title box.

4. Enter instructions for the quiz in the Quiz Instructions box.

5. In the Quiz Type menu, select what type of quiz to assign. 

Note: For surveys, students will automatically receive full credit once they take the survey.

Note: If your quiz is graded, select the assignment group in which to score the quiz in the Assignment Group menu.

Set up Quiz Options

  1. Select Shuffle Answers to shuffle the order of answers to questions with multiple answer choices.
  2. Select Time Limit and enter a time limit to limit the amount of time students can spend on the quiz.
  3. To allow multiple attempts, select Allow Multiple Attempts, then select how many attempts are allowed and which score you would like to keep.  
  4. To allow students to view their previous answers, select Let Students See Their Quiz Responses, then select if you want to show the correct answers and how many times students can view their responses.
  5. Select Show one question at a time to show only one question at a time, then select whether to lock questions after they are answered.

Note: For surveys, select Keep Responses Anonymous to keep student responses anonymous.

Assigning the Quiz

  1. In the Assign menu, select which students to assign the quiz to in the Assign to box.
  2. Enter the due date for the quiz in the Due box below.
  3. Use the Available From field to lock the quiz until a specified date/time.
  4. Use the Until field to close the quiz after a specified date/time.
  5. Use the Add button to apply alternate "Assign to" parameters for student requesting accommodations. 

Add Questions

  1. Click the Questions tab.
  2. Click New Question.
  3. Select the type of question you want to create in the question type menu.

    The available types are:

    • Multiple Choice,
    • True/False,
    • Fill-in-the-Blank,
    • Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks
    • Multiple Answers
    • Multiple Drop-down
    • Matching
    • Numerical Answer
    • Formula (simple formula and single variable)
    • Essay
    • File Upload.  

4. Add relevant question and answer details. 

5. Enter the number of points that the question is worth in the pts box.

6. Click Update Question.


  • You can link course content to create Quiz questions, such as linking a diagram image.
  • Repeat steps 2-6 to add more questions.
  • Click Save to save the quiz, which won't be visible to students until you publish it later.
  • You can use the Question Group option to create a quiz dynamically from questions randomly selected from groups of questions. See the Canvas help page: How do I create a new Quiz with a Question Group?

Publish the Quiz 

  1. Click Preview to see what students will see when they take the quiz.
  2. If the preview shows the quiz the way you want it, click Publish.
  3. If you need to make changes, click Edit.

Note: You should not publish your quiz until it is your final product. Although you can make changes to the quiz after it is published, students who have already opened or completed the quiz will not see any of the changes, which may affect their grades.
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