Available Roles in UFunds

There are a handful of roles available in UFunds, each with specific privileges. These are as follows:

  • Manager: Managers in UFunds can create and edit grant and grant periods. They can also assign other roles as appropriate to grant periods they manage. Managers do not have the ability to approve awards, however. If a manager needs this function, they can add themselves to the list of approvers.
  • Approver: Approvers can see and interact with applications to their grant periods. They can also give out “ad hoc awards” and submit requests for post-award forms.
  • Reader: Readers for a grant period can view all submitted applications, but they can take no other action on them.
  • Committee Member, aka Reviewer: Much like Readers, Reviewers have access to view submitted applications for a grant period. If a review form has been created as part of the grant period, they may also complete that.
  • Financial Administrator: Financial Administrators are notified when an application is approved, and they have access to a screen that details payment information. Once processed outside of UFunds, they can flag the award as “processed.”
  • Financial Manager: Financial Managers are AFA users with access to manage Financial Administrator assignments to grant periods.

Students and UFunds

All of the roles listed here except Reader and Committee Member are restricted to Brown faculty and staff. Any student who has an opportunity to offer through UFunds will need to work with a faculty or staff sponsor. 

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