[ARCHIVED] Create / Update Boot Media for Windows Imaging with WDS

Alternate boot media is a handy method to access Windows Deployment Services if PXE does not work on your hardware.


  1. Download RUFUS.

  2. Copy the ISO file for the deployment client ( "\\pdeploycit.ad.brown.edu\SoftServ\partners\winpe\deploy.iso") locally.

  3. Insert your USB key (1GB or larger, it will be erased)

  4. Launch RUFUS (requires elevation)

  5. Set these settings in RUFUS:

    1. Device: your USB key

    2. Part. Scheme: MBR for BIOS or UEFI

    3. Create Bootable disk using: ISO Image -> Select the ISO from step 2.

  6. Start.

CD (Great for Boot Camp):

  1. Use CDBurnerXP to burn the ISO file from step 2 from the USB instructions. The ISO is a bootable Windows Deployment client.


To update boot media for new drivers and functionality, repeat the procedure above.

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