Apps Available to Brown Google Accounts

Brown uses Google Apps for Education for its collaboration and productivity tools. All members of the Brown community, except some affiliates and summer students, receive a Google account which they can use to access the following apps.

While you can use the links below to access your apps, they are also available from a menu you'll see after you have logged in to your mail. For instructions, see the article Access Apps in Google.

Core Apps

Brown's core suite of Google Apps are covered by a policy agreement that provides higher levels of security, privacy, and prohibits advertisements. 

Consumer Apps

"Consumer Apps" are apps that you can use with your email address, but that do not fall under Brown's contract with Google. On these consumer apps, ads may be displayed, support is not provided (by either Brown or Google), and uptime is not guaranteed. Remember that the access and use of these consumer apps still falls under the Brown Acceptable Use Policy.

Marketplace Apps

These are services provided by companies other than Google, but we have enabled the ability for you to log into them with your Brown Google account. These have their own individual terms and services.

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