Advisors: Approve a CPT Request

When a student submits a CPT Request for your approval, you will be notified by email. There will be a link in the email to the request. If you want to see all your CPT Requests, log into ASK and go to Degree Progress > Declarations > CPT Requests. This is a standard search/list screen. You may click the View link to access a CPT Request.

Responding to the CPT Request

Before responding, you should review the student’s submission to verify the documented experience meets the track’s requirements. If there is anything the student should change or correct, select Request revisions from student. You will be prompted to record your requested changes. This text is required. The student will receive a notification that there are requested changes, and will have an opportunity to revise and resubmit the document.

If the document looks okay, select “I am ready to approve this CPT document”. You will be prompted to record any additional notes you want to save. This text is optional, and will be rendered with the final PDF document.

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