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Advisors and Students: Concentration Approval for non-Brown Work (internships, study abroad, transfer credits, etc.) - Knowledgebase / Teaching Learning and Research / ASK - OIT Service Center

Advisors and Students: Concentration Approval for non-Brown Work (internships, study abroad, transfer credits, etc.)

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Steps for Seeking Concentration Approval for Non-Brown Work 

A concentration advisor can record their approval of non-Brown work for substitution of a concentration requirement in a student's ASK concentration declaration.  Instructions below.   


Important Notes for Students and Advisors: 

  • Even with course equivalence approval, an EXCH or SAB CRSE will not be reassigned to the Brown equivalent course. 
  • Transfer credit approval does not mean the course will appear on the internal academic record; a non-Brown course that is less than 4 semester credit hours will not by itself confer transfer credit, and for courses that are 4 semester credit hours, transfer credit will only post after the Registrar's Office has received an official transcript and verified satisfactory completion of the course. 

Student Instructions


Step 1: Log onto Go to the concentration declaration section and to “Declare” if you have not yet declared a concentration or “Change” to modify an existing declaration. Click “Add Course.” Choose either “manually create/edit” or “select from academic history” for items that are already on the internal record.



Step 2: Add relevant information, upload required documentation, and save. Submit the declaration.
Upload a syllabus, sample work, and any other information required by the concentration advisor, such as approval for assignment as equivalent to a Brown course by another department’s transfer credit advisor.

Example 1: internship    (not for Univ. credit)                 Example 2: Study abroad course (earns Univ. credit)



Concentration Advisor Instructions 


Step 1: On the student’s course plan, a checkbox will appear to the right of any entry that needs additional review. This could be pre-Brown work or a study abroad course, evidence of language competency, an internship or practicum, etc. A red line appears on the left if the course doesn’t appear on the internal record. 


Step 2: Click the checkbox on the right.  Review the content, including any attachments (transcript, past work, etc.). Click Yes or No. Save. 



On the course plan, approved non-Brown items will have a check mark.

Ex. 1: Summer internship (not for credit)        Ex. 2: Study abroad course (earned Univ. credit)

Step 3: Before you exit, approve the declaration to finalize the approval of this item for concentration credit.

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