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Add Brown email to iPhone/iPad device after Enabling Two Step Verification on your Brown email account.

You have taken the steps to add more security on your Brown email account or your personal email account. 

There for you have enabled Two Step Verification on your Brown Email or your personal gmail account. 

Now you need to add the account to your iPhone/iPad device and the correct password you are entering is not accpeted. 

That is because you have to generate an authentication password to enable your iPhone/iPad device to be used on your Brown email account or Personal Gmail accoun. 


NOTE: Current IOS 9.3.2 and higher does not require this steps. 

On New IOS you will be prompted to go to settings to update password. You will enter current password. Then you will be worn about two step verification and it will ask you to send a text #code to your phone. You can enter this code and your phone will be registered. 


IOS Below 9.3.2 Please follow this steps. 


1. Login to your Brown Email Account / Personal Account in your computer browser. 

2. Click on this link:

3. You will see this page. 


4. Drop down the two options to select ( Mail ) and to select the type of device been used. 

5. After making your selection, Click on GENERATE, This will generate a password like this. 

6. You will now go in to your mobile device Settings, Visit the Mail Settings portion and locate your Brown email account. Find the area to insert password and type the long code in this area. This should get your mobile device aquanted with the increased securty you have enabled. 


IOS devices: 

1. Settings 

2. Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Find brown email

4. tap on Account    your brown email address

5. type the key in the password area


Android device. 

You just need to add the account and your email password. 

The app will prompt for two step verification and text a #code to your mobile device.

you will insert the #code where prompted and that should be it. 

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