Add a Comment to a Report Filter

A Cognos Analytics report author can add comments to a filter in a report. Filter comments are a great way to document its purpose and why it was written in a particular way.

Format Your Filter Comment

Using a sequence of characters, you can easily add a comment to a filter that won't interfere with the function of the filter.

Start your comment with the #/* characters at the beginning, and then at the end of the comment repeat the characters in reverse order */#. Any text between these characters is ignored by the filter. 

Example Format

#/* This is an example of how you would format a filter comment. Write your comment between these characters. */#

Example Filter Comment

Here is an example of a comment that was added to a disabled filter. Instead of deleting the filter, the author disabled the filter and added a comment why they made that change. This will be informative and helpful to other authors who may edit this report in the future.


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