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Access Your Voicemail

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This article contains steps for initializing, using, and customizing your voicemail account.

Access Numbers:

To access voicemail: 401-863-9000 (or dial 3-9000 from a campus phone)

Request Voicemail

To apply for a voicemail box please send an email to and supply your name and phone number.  Within two business days, you will receive an email with instructions and a pin.

Initialize Your Mailbox

Before you you can receive voicemail messages, you must first initialize your mailbox. 

  1. After calling in, the system will explain the process and walk you through setup, step-by-step.
  2. Your Mailbox ID is your 5-digit extension.
  3. The default PIN will be distributed by Telecom when your new voicemail box is created (see "Request Voicemail" above). After entering the PIN, press #.
  4. Speak your first and last name when prompted to record your name for the university directory.
  5. Record your standard voicemail greeting that callers will hear when you do not answer your phone.
  6. Set your PIN number to use when you log in to your voicemail.

Receiving Voicemail Messages by Email

Note: By default, the voicemail system will send you an email whenever you receive a new voicemail message. The wav file of the recorded message will be attached. If you would like to turn this feature off, please send an email to Similarly, if you would rather stop getting voicemail on your phone and only receive it by email, contact

Voicemail Commands

Main Menu
1. Play New Voicemail 
2. Send Voicemail Message
3. Review Saved Messages
4. Setup Options
*   Exit

Commands While Listening to a Message
1. Rewind Message
2. Pause Message
3. Fast Forward Message
4. Slow Playback
6. Fast Playback
7. Delete
9. Save
0. Help
# End
*  Return to Main Menu

Commands After Listening to a Message
1. Rewind Message
4. Slow Playback
5. Message info
6. Forward
7. Delete
8. Reply
9. Save
0. Help
# End
*  Return to Main Menu

Setup Options
1. Preferences
2. Message Settings
3. Greetings
*  Return to Main Menu

Customizing your Voicemail Account (Away Messages)

You may record up to 6 Alternate Greetings to play instead of your Standard Greeting.

  • When logged in to your voicemail, choose Option 4 for Setup, then Option 3 to Manage Your Greetings.
  • You can set your Out of Office message to turn off and on based on a schedule. The system will ask you if you wish to apply an end date when you select an alternate greeting.

Forwarding a Voice Message

After you have listened to the message, press 6 to Forward that message to another voicemail user.

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