Access a Department Bill in Pinnacle

First, log in to Pinnacle. For instructions, see the article Get Started with Pinnacle

  1. Hold your cursor over Billing in the right-hand menu and click on Department Billing.
  2. Click Search to list all monthly bills for your department(s) or enter search criteria.
    The Blue Arrow under the Department Billing tab offers Help if you need more 
  3. Notice that Pinnacle only returns 15 rows per page as a default.
  4. Change the rows per page if you wish to view more rows. Then click Search or List 
    again. The maximum is 250 rows per page. 
  5. Click on the date of the bill you are interested in. You can change the sort order by 
    clicking on the top of any column.

More Views

The following articles demonstrate additional ways to view your Pinnacle bills.

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