Wiki Transition Options

The following comparison chart is meant to help you identify an alternative to transition to from Confluence Wiki. It is not an exhaustive list—there may be other suitable alternatives for your use case not listed here. 

These Brown-supported tools are recommendations. Every use case has unique needs that may fall outside this the features listed here. If you have questions, do not see the features you use in the comparison chart, or want a consultation on moving your wiki to a new application, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs. 

For teaching and learning needs, Canvas is an option. It’s a suitable choice when your site could be considered a learning community.


Google Sites
+ Shared Drive
Google Docs
+ Shared Drive
(for academic users only)


Beyond Brown


Brown JupyterHub

Contact us to see how it works

Anonymous Engagement


Google Scripting in Sheets

Google Scripting in Sheets

some flexibility in LTI code

Collaborative Editing

File Storage/Sharing

via Shared Drive

via Shared Drive

via links

Import Confluence Content

Homepage Functionality

1 Google Doc can serve as a landing page

Multi-tiered Page Nesting

via Drive Folders

Page-Level Security

Sharing permissions can be set on each Google Doc

Not in free tier

Plug-in Support

Revision History

Role-Based Permissions


Task Management/Tracking

via Google Keep

via Google Keep

To learn how to prepare to migrate wiki content into Gitbook, refer to our KB article

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