Virtual Class Session with Zoom Web Conferencing

When you or your students cannot physically be on campus, you can hold a virtual class meeting at a distance with Zoom Web Conferencing. It is the most stable and easy to use option available for Brown University faculty, staff, and students. You can also invite non-Brown participants once you have set up a virtual meeting in Zoom. Here are some of the tips and instructions to get you started.   

First things first: Get Started With Zoom.

Preparing for the virtual session

  1.  Log in to to get started and schedule your meeting.  
  2.  Share the url with the meeting ID with your students: via email, Google calendar, a link in can do this many ways!  Here is information about a few different ways to invite your students to the Zoom meeting. 
  3. You may want to record the session.  You can do this by clicking "record" on the lower right of the screen in the Zoom meeting.  You can record the meeting to the cloud or record the meeting to your computer. Cloud recordings expire in 30 days.  

Before the session

  1. Close all the unnecessary applications on the laptop. Open files and applications you will need for the session.
  2. Go to [Chrome recommended]
  3. Click Meetings on the left navigation bar 
  4. Select the meeting in the list, then click Start.
  5. Select your audio connection. You can use your computer audio, call into a meeting, or have the meeting call you.
  6. Share screen/presentation
    1. Click Share Screen in the bottom menu bar.
    2. PowerPoint and other winodws/applications open on your laptop will be available to select. Select the required application.

Prepare for good class management:

  1. Mute all students. This avoids disturbance due to background noise. They can unmute themselves when they need to speak. 
    1. Click Manage Participants in the top menu bar.
    2. A window will open on the left of the screen.  Click "Mute All" on the bottom left 
  2. Click Share Screen when you are ready to present.
    Note: If using a less than ideal internet connection, depend on your presentation and voice rather than your video. 

During the session

  1. For a virtual session with more than ten students we suggest appointing a TA or student in the class to manage communication. The TA can keep track of the chat, raised hands, and can interject to bring up questions for the instructor so that you can focus on the content. 


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