View A Complete List of All Your Content

Accessing the Content List

  1. Log in.
  2. Click on "Content." This will provide a list of all your pages, news items, images and any other content types you may have installed.

Filtering the List Content

You can filter the list by visibility status (published, unpublished, etc.) or by content type (page, news, image, etc.) via the dropdown filters at the top of the list.  

Note: If you filter the content list, you may have to reset the filters to view the complete list of content the next time you open the list, because filters sometimes stay applied.

  1. To do so, simply make sure that each of the filter options are at "any". 

Bulk Editing your Content

If your role has the permission to do so, you can check the boxes of multiple content items and then use the Update Options to make bulk changes, such as Publish, Unpublish or Delete.

Note: WebServices advises you to unpublish content rather than delete it. Deleted content is gone forever and WebServices cannot retrieve it.

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