Using Google Hangouts Chat for Communication

Google Hangouts Chat allows you to chat and collaborate with other members of the Brown community via the web, or with a lightweight chat client. Hangouts Chat gives you the ability to use chat rooms and  send direct messages, with excellent integration with other G Suite for Education tools. 

If you're looking for video chat capabilities,  see our article: Choose a Service for Video and Web Conferencing.

Google Hangouts Chat is good to use if your participants are already using the web interface to Gmail, or if you are looking for a lightweight chat app you can share with you and a small  team of people.

Get Started

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In addition to regular chat functionality with individual, Hangouts Chat includes:

  • Separate Chat "Rooms": You can create custom hangout "rooms", to tailor your chats to specific topics or channels.
  • Interaction with Google Drive: Google makes it easy to link, open, and share Google Docs in Hangouts Chat.
  • "Bot" Integration: Hangouts Chat has connectors to many other functions, so you can integrate Chat actions with external participants or web services.

Additional Resources

Google's Learning Center for Hangouts Chat


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