User Roles And Permission Levels

Everyone who is able to log in to BrownSites is assigned a role for their site. The role determines what permissions they have -- can they add content? Publish to the world? Edit content that others have submitted?

The roles are listed below in order of least to most access. Most departments will have some Contributors who submit content, and at least one Editor who can approve and publish this content.


  • can read unpublished content
  • cannot edit content
  • cannot create content
  • not all departments need / have this
  • good for department heads / fact checkers / people who need read-only access


  • can create content
  • can edit content that they have created
  • cannot publish
  • great for students or others who draft content


  • can create content
  • can edit all content
  • can publish all content
  • can edit menus
  • every department needs one

Site Owner

  • same permissions as Editor, and
  • can add/remove/change roles of users on their site
  • can make requests to WebServices when there are problems, issues, or a need for custom work with their site

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