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Use Two-Step Verification for a Google Account (Your Brown Email)

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NOTICE: As of February 2022, all non-alumni Brown-managed Google accounts will use the same log in process as other Brown services, and will use Duo for two-step authentication (more information here). The below instructions apply only to alumni Google accounts.

How it works

  • Even if someone has your password, they will be unable to access your account without your phone. 
  • When you log in from an untrusted location, a code will be sent to your phone and you must enter it on the login screen.
  • You can mark specific computers and devices as trusted so they no longer require the code to be entered.
  • Printable codes and/or installation of an app make it possible to log in even if you don't have access to your phone number.

Step by step instructions can be found in the Google Support Article: Set Up 2-Step Verification

Use Duo Mobile for Your Google Two-Step

If you already have the Duo Mobile app installed for Brown's Two-Step Verification, you may be interested to know that you can use it to verify your Google account as well! Though it's not as slick as the Brown account (no push notifications), you can use the app to generate a passcode to type in. 

  1. Go through the Google 2-Step set up as if you are going to use the Authenticator App. Except, don't install the Authenticator app.
  2. When you see a barcode displayed on the screen, click Add Account in the Duo app and scan the barcode.

This process will look slightly different depending on if you are setting up 2-Step for the first time, switching from text messages to the app, or switching from Google Authenticator to the Duo Mobile app. 

After you have completed setup, when prompted for a code, open the Duo Mobile app, click the key icon next to your email account listing, and type in the code that appears.

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