Use the Events Calendar

The calendar on your BrownSite automatically pulls events from calendars/categories of the University Calendar at

How do I add my calendar(s)?

  1. Find the name of your calendar.
    1. Go to the Brown Events Calendar (
    2. Click on the orange RSS icon on the far left of the page.
    3. Find your calendar on the drop-down list. 
    4. The calendar category as shown in the drop-down list is the name of the calendar that you will use in the next step. In this example, the calendar for the group WiSE is "wise".
    5. You may find the names of additional calendars using the above steps.
    6. Close the "Build an RSS Feed" window -- you don't need to continue building an RSS feed.
  2. Edit the Calendar Widget.

    ## Log in to your BrownSite.
    1. Click Configuration on the administrative menu along the top of the page.
    2. Click on Brown Calendar Widget.
    3. Category: Add the names of the calendars you found above, exactly as written in the drop-down list. For example: "wise". If you are adding multiple calendars, separate them with the pipe character, |. For example: "wise|Clubs and Organizations" adds the WiSE calendar and the overall Clubs and Organizations calendar.
    4. End date: Give the calendar a limit to how far into the future it will reach to display events. Use a format like "+2 days" to look two days into the future, or "+20 weeks" to look 20 weeks in the future.
    5. Maximum # of events: Five or six will look the best.
    6. Custom no events text: Be sure to have text here if your group often doesn't have events scheduled .

I don't have a university calendar

If you does not have a university calendar yet, contact The Office of Public Affairs and University Relations (PAUR) to get one.

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