Troubleshoot Issues with Philo Edu (IPTV)

I can't figure out how to watch TV!

Philo Edu, the service we're using for TV, has help available at

None of the shows play.

Try a different browser. The Chrome Mac version is now using a HTML5 player, but other browsers may rely on Microsoft Silverlight and it may not install for one reason or another. To see the list of compatible browsers, click the System Requirements tab on the Silverlight installation page, or use Chrome (which doesn't require Silverlight for this product).

Why don't I see all the channels?

The full set of channels is only available students living in residence halls. If you live in a residence hall but are only seeing the "over the air" channels at the top of the channel list, then you might be in the wrong group in our system. If that's the case, get in touch with the Service Center and they'll investigate.

Do I need to be in my residence hall to watch? 

No! But you do need to be on campus, connected to the wireless network called Brown. 

Will it work with VPN?

Sorry, for licensing reasons, you can't use this service over VPN.


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