Roles and Permissions

A user's role determines what permissions they have (for example, if they can they add content? Publish to the world? etc).

Site Owner

  • can add/remove/change roles (reviewers, contributors, editors)
  • can change the banners (homepage banner, other page banner, mobile banner).
  • can change the site information (contact person, which page is the homepage, etc)
  • can change the calendar widget/grid settings
  • can change the social media links, facebook widget, and twitter widget settings (turn them on/off and customize them).
  • can make requests to WebServices when there are problems, issues, or a need for custom work with their site.
  • by default it is the person that requested the site, but can be updated when requested by the department chair/authorized person.


  • can create content
  • can edit all content
  • can publish all content
  • can edit menus
  • every site needs one


  • can create content
  • can edit content that they created
  • cannot publish
  • great for anyone who drafts content


  • can read unpublished content
  • cannot edit content
  • cannot create content
  • few sites need / have this
  • good for department heads, fact checkers, people who need read-only access.

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