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Report a Security Incident / Recover from a Device Theft - Knowledgebase / Security / Physical Security - OIT Service Center

Report a Security Incident / Recover from a Device Theft

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If you become aware of an event that could result in a breach of personally identifiable information (PII), it is critical that you immediately report any information or network security incident to the OIT Service Center and follow these recommended procedures.

For a Lost or Stolen Electronic Media or Computing Device

  • Wipe devices: If it's possible, you should remotely wipe your device to prevent any contents from being accessed by another.
    • Brown-owned laptops and tablets: Contact your ITSC (IT Support Consultant) or DCC (Departmental Computing Coordinator) for assistance.
    • Brown-owned phones: Notify the Telecommunications Office immediately (, 401-863-2007). Telecom will suspend voice services and issue a remote wipe of the device, if applicable. 
    • Personally-owned laptops, tablets and phones: If the device has wipe functionality, activate it. For phones, you should also notify your service provider to suspend your service.
  • Track the device: If the device has third-party tracking software installed, contact the company, or if applicable, activate its tracking function.
  • File a report with law enforcement: Contact the Department of Public Safety (401-863-3103) if the loss occurred on campus, or to local police, to report lost or stolen electronic media or a computing device, whether it is Brown-issued or personally owned.
  • High risk information: If the lost or stolen device was used to store information with Level 2 or 3 risk, please include this in your report to the OIT Service Center. Note that when the Information Security Group follow up, you will be asked to complete the Missing, Lost or Stolen Device online form . ISG will then work with you to determine the next steps, and whether the event requires notification.

For Device or Information Intrusion

  • If you suspect that someone has broken into your device, please disconnect it from the network ASAP. If it is Brown-owned, contact your ITSC or DCC; if personally owned, reach out to the OIT Service Center.
  • Include the following details about the incident:  when and where it occurred, device specifics (such as OS, type, owner), any accounts that may have been impacted. They will investigate the incident and help you recover your system.
  • If an account may have been compromised, change your password in myaccount.brown.  If your Gmail account was compromised, follow the other account recovery steps outlined in Secure a Compromised Gmail Account.
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