Rental Web Cams

The service center offers the following variety of web cameras.


PanaCast 2


For more specific training on how to use the PanaCast, contact 




  • Storage box

  • Power block

  • Base

  • Webcam

  • USB power cable

  • USB 3.0 cable

  • USB extender



  • Make sure your webcam powered on via the power cable and power block.

  • Connect the webcam to the base and then to the computer via the USB cable.

  • Go to video setting of the application in use and select “PanaCast ePTZ” as your webcam in the drop down menu

  • If needed, download the PanaCast ePTZ app, which can be found on




Logitech BCC950



  • Storage box

  • Webcam

  • Base

  • USB cable (attached to the base)

  • AC power adapter

  • Eye-level stand

  • Remote control



  • Turn on computer.

  • Attach webcam to speakerphone base.

  • Connect power adapter to speakerphone base and AC outlet. 4. Connect the USB cable to a computer USB port.

  • Launch a video conferencing application

  • Use the stand to place the webcam closer for eye-level conferencing. When attaching or removing the webcam to the stand, first disconnect the AC power.

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