Publish Content And Make It Public

Managing content visibility:

BrownSites has controls to manage the visibility of your website's content. All content is either "public" or a "draft". By default, a new page is in draft mode when it is first created.

Draft mode:

Drafts are not visible to guests who visit your BrownSite. While logged in as an editor, you may see all pages and news items, including those in draft mode. Content in draft mode can be found through your complete list of content. It is recommended that you always change content to a draft instead of deleting it.

Public mode:

Public content is visible to all guests who visit your BrownSite.

Changing the visibility of content:

  1. When creating or editing a page or news item, look at the gray tabs near the bottom of the page. These are referred to as the "vertical tabs".
  2. Find the "Workflow State" tab, and click it.
  3. You'll be presented with the options "Public" and "Draft". Based on the description of these modes above, choose your option.
  4. Optionally, you can add a comment which will be inserted into the workflow log. This is viewable from the "Workflow" tab.
  5. Save the page or news item .

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