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Print to PAWPrints from a Computer Lab

To print from a computer lab to any of Brown's public printers, follow the steps below.

**NOTE: You can print from your own computer, too!

  1. Log in to a computer at a computer lab using your Brown username and password.
  2. Open an application and select the document you wish to print.
  3. Preview the file first to make sure the page is set up correctly for printing and you print only what you need. Click Print.
  4. Select a queue to print the file to. The computer lab will most likely be defaulted to PAWPrints; select PAWPrints-Color if it's applicable. You may see a "spooling" message indicating the request is being sent to the release station.
  5. Next, go to the print release station and login with your Brown username and password, and then swipe your Brown ID (regular students) or Guest Card (summer students) when prompted. Make sure to use the appropriate release station for black and white or color printing.
  6. Select the print job(s) from the PAWPrint queue that you wish to release to the printer.
  7. From the list of pending print requests, click on one. The number of sheets, associated cost, and your remaining balance will be displayed for your review. Selecting your print job enables the "Print" and "Delete" buttons.
  8. Use the delete button to remove a selected job from the PAWPrint queue.
  9. Select the jobs you wish to print and click on the Print button. A fee of $.07 per single-sided page and $.10 per double-sided page will be deducted from your card.
  10. Go directly to the printer to collect your output, as it will not have a cover page.

Please note:

  • The remaining PAWPrints or Bear Bucks balance must be sufficient to cover the cost of the selected job or it will not print.
  • Any jobs that stay in the queue for 24 hours will automatically be deleted.
  • Take care when deleting from the print release station. You will not be offered a confirmation step. Once deleted, it is permanently removed.
  • By default, the printers in the computer labs print on both sides of the paper. Be sure to change the print settings when previewing your document if you prefer to print single-sided pages.
  • Printing multiple copies is not allowed. If you need more than one copy of a particular document, use a copy machine to duplicate the printed document.
  • When printing, some programs may default to a PDF printer; this allows you to save the print jobs as a PDF. Change to the printer appropriate for the content you wish to print — PAWPrints for grayscale, PAWPrints Color for color.


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