Post-Award Forms in UFunds

Post-Award Forms are a mechanism to collect additional information from or about applicants. While this was originally intended for things such as reporting on funded projects after they have been completed, post-award forms can actually be requested at any time after the initial application submission. For example, if you are awarding money for an opportunity or experience, you can collect signed waivers via the post-award forms.

Important: As with other forms associated with a grant period, post-award forms must be created before the grant period opens.

To request a post-award form submission, do the following:

  1. Go to Approve > Post Award Forms and click New Post-Award Request. 
  2. On the next screen select a grant, grant period, and post-award form.
  3. Next, select the applicants you either want to request the form from, or about. You may also use the select menu to do a quick-select of all applicants with particular statuses.
  4. You may optionally enter a Brown user in the “Assign to” field. If you do this, then the form request will go to that user instead of the selected applicants, and the form request will be expected to be about those applicants. For example you might use this if you want to get feedback from a faculty sponsor about a student project funded through UFunds.
  5. If the post-award form is being used as part of the application evaluation process, check the “Make the form available to readers and reviewers” option.
  6. Finally, set the date range during which you want the form to be completed.

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