Perform Rollbacks to Previous Revisions


Whenever a page or news item is edited, BrownSites saves both the old copy and the new copy as individual revisions. You may then view old revisions and revert to old revisions if necessary.

Viewing and reverting to revisions

To view the revisions for a particular page or news item, navigate to the page while logged in. You may also be on the content's editing page. Above the item, look for the "Revisions" tab.

Click it. You'll be taken to that content's revisions page with a list of all revisions and available actions.

From this page you can:

  • access individual revisions
  • revert to a particular revision
  • delete a revision
  • view the difference between two revisions
  • see who created each revision

Clicking on the date will bring you to the previous version.

Clicking on revert will revert the site to the version you have selected.

Notes about reverting

Reverting to an old revision will not affect any existing revisions. A copy of the revision you are reverting to will be created and will be used as the current version of the content.

When you click "revert," you will be asked to confirm before the page / news item will be reverted.

Saving an explanation with a revision

If you'd like to save an explanation of the changes that came with a revision, you may. On the editing page before you save, follow the instructions below:

  • Select "Revision Information" from the tools near the bottom of the page.
  • In the text area under "Log message," type your explanation or message to other maintainers. 
  • Finish making your edits and hit save.

Your message will be tied to the individual revision you just created by saving the content and will be viewable to other users who work with the content's revisions.

Editing a page without creating a new revision

While not recommended, it's possible to not create a new revision when you're saving edits to a page / news item.

  • Select "Revision Information" from the tools near the bottom of the page.
  • Uncheck "Create a new revision"
  • Now, when you save, a new revision will not be created.

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