Perform Bulk Changes to Your Content

Bulk editing content

If your role has the permission to do so, you can check the boxes of multiple content items and then use the Update Options to make bulk changes, such as Publish, Unpublish or Delete. 

Note: WebServices advises you to unpublish content rather than delete it. Deleted content is gone forever and WebServices cannot retrieve it.

Bulk publishing changes

  1. From the administration menu, select Manage Content.
  2. Select the pages and/or news items whose status you wish to change. (You may wish to filter the content to find the pages and news items more easily.)
  3. Find Bulk Operations in the array of drop-down menus.
  4. Select "Change workflow state of post to a new state" and click "Execute".
  5. A new page will load: select the desired target state, "publish" or "draft".
  6. If you wish to add a comment to the workflow logs (visible from the Workflow tab of each page), add it.
  7. Click "next".
  8. A new page will load: confirm your changes.

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